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Christina Pomoni


Christina has over 8 years of experience in Financial Analysis and over 6 years of experience in Portfolio Management, with 10+ years experience in Data Analysis.

Her investing strategy includes using valuations to select profitable dividend stocks.

David Reiner

david reiner

David has a BBA and MBA with a background in analyzing a company’s financial statements and creating equity reports. For 10+ years, he was the CEO of an investment research company. 

His investing strategy draws primarily from trend following, with which he was able to turn $2,000 into $180,000 after the ’08 crash.

Vinayak Maheswaran

Vinayak Maheswaran

Vinayak has a BS in economics with a minor in management, providing exposure to both the quantitative and qualitative side of business. He has also written for Nerd Wallet and Seeking Alpha.

His investing strategy is built on buying at a discount to intrinsic value, following in the footsteps of Warren Buffett, Benjamin Graham and John Templeton.