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Investing Affiliate Program

This website is all about investing in relationships.

An affiliate partnership with me is not just a business transaction. I see it more as the building of a team where we are able to benefit each other. I’ve seen a lot of success from the work in monetizing blog posts and crafting effective sales copy that I can only see a bright future from here.

Not only does the affiliate program provide value to the creator and the affiliate, but it also provides value to the audience. For a product to be successful, it must provide the solution to a painful problem. That’s exactly what my products have done and will continue to do.

Before I breakdown the investing product offering, with both high tier and recurring income options, let me explain why my generous affiliate program is beneficial to all of you.

The Investing for Beginners Affiliate Program Terms

  • 50% commission on all products
  • Paid monthly with reports from Gumroad
  • Unique sales pages and discounts available: Example

Investing for Beginners Product Offerings

  • The Sather Research eLetter: $29/mo
  • Value Trap Indicator
    • Book package: $29
    • Book + audio book: $49
    • Book, audio, spreadsheets: $197

On a profit basis, the Spreadsheet package makes almost twice as much as the standard book package. Obviously the cheaper book package sells much more product, but the real money is in the spreadsheet package. The sales page automatically presents all 3 tiers.

Value Trap Indicator presents a number based system to combat the emotionally charged market and select low risk, low valuation stocks. The indicator was formulated from research of the 30 biggest bankruptcies of the 21st century.

The indicator automatically filters out stocks that present the two characteristics shared by stocks that went bankrupt, negative annual earnings and a high debt to equity.

Value Trap Indicator examines the major bankruptcies and tells the story as well as explain how the financial data was able to foreshadow the company’s upcoming troubles. The book is also a primer for the individual investor with its explanations on popular investing topics and debates.

The spreadsheet package includes the fully customizable Value Trap Indicator spreadsheet that can be used to evaluate any stock in minutes, as well as the complete financial spreadsheets and VTI scores for the companies highlighted in the bankruptcy research.

In addition to the wildly popular book package is the recurring revenue newsletter subscription service The Sather Research eLetter. This newsletter gives more of a hands held type assistance in making monthly stock purchases.

This newsletter uses the Value Trap Indicator to find great stock buys. The Sather Research eLetter is unique in that the portfolio represents a real money portfolio that I personally fund each month. The portfolio gets a $150 per month deposit, with the hope that the portfolio will reach $1 million by the time I turn 65 (I started the portfolio when I turned 25 a few years ago).

Having “skin in the game” really adds credibility to the service and incentivizes me to obtain as high of a return as I can while still retaining capital. Since the newsletter uses the Value Trap Indicator, the stocks picked are relatively low risk with a high margin of safety.

Will this program really make me money?

I found great success and you can too. Consider that both of my products have each netted thousands of dollars in their short lifespans. My sales pages have converted 3% for recurring income and 8% on a 3 tier price point.

The work is done already for you. You just have to direct traffic to the sales page and the rest takes care of itself, a true passive income stream. With the option to have a custom sales page just for your audience, the possible conversion is even higher.

Will the members of my tribe be taken care of?

You can be reassured that the satisfaction of your customers is of utmost importance to me. I stand proud by my products confidently, so much so that I offer 30 day guarantees. That means if anyone is unsatisfied for any reason, they can return the product for a full refund with no questions asked.

There are few investing experts out there who are willing to risk their necks like I am. The book package outlines the exact strategy I use on every stock selection I make. My newsletter subscription service provides monthly stock recommendations, which I follow with real money in my personal IRA account.

My financial future is truly tied up with the results of my clients. You just won’t find more commitment to the process.

What if I have questions?

Just like I am there for your audience, I’m also here for you. I’m interested in creating mutually beneficial systems. I know that both sides of the equation need to be happy for this all to work.

So you’ll have a direct line to me at all times. Just email my personal email at andrew@einvestingforbeginners.com with the subject line “Affiliate Program”.

I’ll be alerted and will reply to you as soon as possible.

Whether you have any questions at all, or suggestions, or maybe you just want advice on how to increase commissions. I’ve been in your shoes and am willing to teach you what I’ve learned, just as I’ve done the same to the readers of this blog.

Does affiliate marketing really work?

Personally, I’ve netted thousands of dollars in affiliate income in addition to the income from my products. You absolutely can add affiliate income as a supplementary source of income even if you already have a main product offering. I’ve done it myself.

Don’t take my word for it though. Pat Flynn from Smart Passive Income has created a six digit per month income for himself primarily through affiliate income. The crazy part is that he posts all of his income reports online for everyone to see, and the whole purpose of his blog and podcast is to share the secrets of his success!

Smart Passive Income is a great resource not only to see how successful affiliate marketing can be, but also to get impactful strategies for your own program. You can learn how to increase traffic, write more persuasively and create more value for your audience. I highly recommend you check it out.

To join the Investing for Beginners affiliate program: