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Long Term Investing with Kate Holmes, Belmore Financial

Today’s discussion is with Kate Holmes CFP, the founder of Belmore Financial and an experienced expert in the industry who takes a different approach to the client and advisor relationship.

Kate emphasizes the importance of building a relationship with her clients so that they are like friends who can discuss not only the more important things in life, but in identifying those things and aligning your finances to reach those goals. In a world where everyone seems to be so willing to “follow the leader” and copy generations past, Kate finds what makes her clients happiest and works towards that.

Each individual is different, and so each conversation and financial plan is different as well. Working for the same employer your whole life and hoarding cash for retirement isn’t always the best plan for everyone, and so traditional advice oftentimes doesn’t apply.

kate holmes, belmore financial

Our conversations segways a bit into one of my other great passions, entrepreneurship, and we talk about why that path might not be as risky as you think.

We talk about the different mindsets that Millennials have towards the world, as well as the unique challenges we face, and the lessons we can learn from previous generations. With this fast paced world of the new internet age, this part of our conversation is can’t miss.

Finally we discuss the differences between a Roth and a Traditional 401k, a recommendation for the minimum that you should be investing, company match, active vs. passive funds, and the essential long term mindset.

I really enjoyed our discussion about long term investing, as I think it encompasses everything you need to know in a short few minutes. It’s easy to get lost in technicalities, but your success will depend on you sticking with a long term strategy. You can find that discussion in part 2.

part 1:

  • the importance of finding an adviser who can also be your friend
  • finding when you are happiest and matching that with your financial goals
  • why working for someone else can be very risky, especially for Millennials
  • differences between Roth and Traditional 401k
  • why Millennials should exploit the tax advantages of a Roth

part 2:

  • recommendation for how much you should invest, and the importance of utilizing the company match
  • special conditions with the company match and calendar year
  • why being diversified in various asset classes is so important
  • actively vs. passively managed funds and the preferable choice
  • the importance of a long term focus, not just for investing but for relationships, careers, education, and more

Kate’s best tip for beginners is the chart that I’ve included below. With the flurry of information and choices that is today’s modern world, you can lose yourself in focusing on all the wrong things.

Instead of falling victim to this trap, try instead to focus only on the small intersection of things that matter and things that you can control. Market downturns are a direct result of a herd of people reacting things that they can’t control, such as the outcome of a single investment.

Don’t become one of those people. You won’t win it all with one investment, in one year, or even with one decision. Your financial success depends solely on the saving habits that you create, and the sound consistency of a long term plan, regardless of the outcome of an individual stock or the broad market.

Always remember that.

millennials investing

I want to thank Kate for the time and the insights she shared.

Like she said in the interview, she is available for direct messages or emails, so be sure to take advantage of this if you have any questions.

I also want to thank my readers for your continued support. These interviews have given me the opportunity to talk to some really cool people while providing you with great value at the same time.

As Robert Noyce once said, “Knowledge is power. Knowledge shared is power multiplied.”

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