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Money Grows on Trees – Wisdom Wednesdays #6

Learn how money grows and the possibility of making money grow on trees over time.
money grows
First, what happened with Wisdom Wednesday #2 – #5? These posts have been moved to the Investing for Beginners 101 Guide, as parts of the how to sections. The guide is soon to be released as a free eBook, and I’m excited to share it with my readers.

For this post, I want to talk about thinking about your future. Yes, money grows on trees if you know how and where to plant them. Warren Buffett once said that the trees you sit under for shade were once planted by someone decades ago, and the same can be true about your money. If you plant seeds to wealth now they can turn into magnificent money trees much later in the future.

How Money Grows on Trees Tale

Once upon a time, there were two men who worked as laborers for an orchard owner, and each were paid in meat and fruit. The two men had different lifestyles. The first man was a hard worker, and made the best of his meat and fruit by inviting many people for dinner when the harvest was good. He was happy with his life and lived a reasonable one, was well fed as was his family.

After several decades of labor, the first man became tired but was still able to work to feed his family. However, unfortunate events befell the great orchard owner and he lost the orchard to another man. The first man had no where else to go, and was forced to slavery to the new owner. He saw his standard of living fall well below the good life he was accustomed to, and he spent the rest of his days a grumpy old man cursing his new owner.

Now let’s contrast the first man’s story with the second man’s. The second man also worked hard, fed his family and fed them well. During times of a great harvest the second man used the excess meat to host humble parties, but also he used some as bait to catch more meat. He’d use bait to catch fish and other small animals. With all of this excess meat, the second man was able to also live a good life. However, with the excess meat filling the stomachs of his family and friends well, the second man utilized the now excess fruit to plant trees around his home.

As the decades passed the second man was able to grow the number of trees near his home until one day he had enough to start his own orchard. Because he planned ahead and had trees planted, he was able to live off these trees for the rest of his life.

Many People Tragically Live Like the First Man

This story of the two men represents the two different paths every person in this world has the choice of living out. Many, many, many people live this world like the first man of this story. They go through the motions of life: graduate with student loans, chase their dream car, their dream honeymoon, their dream house. The spend the most during their prime earning years, fall into the credit card debt trap, and never learn to live within their means. By always chasing things they don’t have, most people never take the time or sacrifice their excess income to really learn how money grows on trees.

The way the first man works his whole life and then lives the rest of his life with meager rations is the way millions of people end up living their life. One day they lose their ability to work hard and have to live on next to nothing with Social Security. They’ve fallen into the debt trap when they were young, and have no possibility of paying it back as they age. Who wants to live such a hopeless life? Or even someone who does make a good living, but suddenly loses their fortunate income. If that person has no money trees planted, they are forced to make drastic cuts on their lifestyle, and can fall into depression because of one unfortunate circumstance. Don’t let yourself become subject to life’s fortunes. Take control of your life and learn to make money growing trees.

When your money grows on trees, your wealth multiplies and continues to compound in the wonder of compounding interest. How to make this happen? You have to start investing and you have to start NOW. Every moment you don’t start investing is another minute your money tree isn’t growing inch by inch. To see how money grows on trees, you have to step back and realize that you actually aren’t going to see the growth. What I mean by this is that wealth building happens very slowly and over a long period of time. There is no get rich quick system, no magic seed to grow a money tree.

Whether you are starting a side business, learning a new skill or getting your feet wet with investing, planting your money tree should be started as soon as you can so that those trees can plant even more money trees. Even a little amount of money invested today can exponentially increase in a couple decades. Money grows on trees if you are smart and willing to take action.

What do you think of this idea? Do you agree/disagree? Leave a comment and please feel free to share. Even one Facebook “like” goes a long way towards helping me and helping others learn how money grows on trees.

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**Money Grows on Trees – Wisdom Wednesdays #6**
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