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Stock Market Crash 2008 will Repeat (Here’s why)

Marketing is designed to take money from you. Let me repeat that. Marketing is designed to TAKE money from you.

Think about all the products you see on TV. Nobody advertises housing, or grocery essentials. Note the word essentials. Things such as food and shelter will always be bought by people, and so those industries don’t need much advertising to survive. (Unless you’re talking about the fast food industry, which of course are convincing you to pay premium prices for garbage food)

No, chances are that if you see a product on TV, it’s not something you need. Basic food and shelter is always in demand, a luxury not many products have. Instead, it’s the job of a marketer to make you believe that you need their product. Really you end up justifying something you want.

Why am I telling you this? Because I want you to wake up and open your eyes. Most of these marketers don’t care about you and your well being. They just do their best at what they do. Convincing you to let them TAKE your money. The money you slaved away for. To buy things you don’t need to impress people you don’t know.

stock market crash 2008

This may seem harsh but it could just save someone from a world of hurt. The thing is, people look back at the stock market crash 2008 as if all was so easily preventable. Remember that scary crash that had people running for the exits. In hindsight everything looks 20/20. But really the victims were just as helpless as the victims of today.

Stock Market Crash 2008: Bad Loans

When people talk about what “caused” the crash of ’08, everybody likes to point the finger at sub prime mortgages. They say, “well duh, people who couldn’t afford homes shouldn’t have been buying them.” That’s easy to say with 20/20 hindsight. However, most people don’t realize that these victims were just everyday customers of catch phrase marketing. And… And this is an important “and”… Most people don’t realize that the same mistakes are being made today.

The catch phrase of 2008 was a sub-prime mortgage. “Just helping out the average American” was the message behind these risky loans. Yet it didn’t become an icky word until it was too late. The borrowers were put out to pasture and slaughtered.

We see it again today. In fact, I just heard it on the radio today. A commercial for a car company that won’t be named.

The marketing catch phrase of 2014? “Your job is your credit“.


What were sub-prime mortgages? Loans to people with terrible credit. Loans that should never have been made. What are these loans? “YOU DON’T NEED CREDIT, YOU JUST NEED A JOB”. Seriously?!

The funny thing about history is that it teaches us one thing. We never learn from it.

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