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In the World of Investing, There Are 2 Worlds

It seems like there are 2 worlds in this world. A world of selfishness, and ultimately sorrow. Of false love and friendships. Jealousy, hatred and backstabbing.

And then there is the other world. One of acceptance. Blinded to the other world. Blissfully unaware. A place of growth, success and support.

Where seeds sprout into magnificent trees to spread blessings for generations. Where every tree is unique, and glorious. This world is free of anxiety and full of abundance.

It is in its acceptance that prosperity is brought forth.

Which world you live in isn’t consciously chosen. Rather, you change the world you live in through the course of your actions.

investing world

I’d like to argue that you can take this a step further. I see 2 different worlds in investing.

The World That Never Sleeps

There’s the world that never sleeps. The endless tickers, constant worry, neglect and stress. There’s people losing sleep, losing their homes, losing their fortunes.

This world is focused on today and tomorrow. There’s no wisdom, no real plans for the future. Ultimately, there’s no peace. And no freedom. When people just become numbers and potential leads, the sharks kill the sheep and investors weep.

In this world the victims are swallowed up and swept away. Their affliction is hidden from view like the homeless in L.A.

In This Other World…

There is another world in the crazy game of investing, however. This world is driven by wisdom. Passed down through the generations. As family wealth passes down to heirs, so do ideas and philosophies.

In this other world, intelligence isn’t clouded with recklessness. In this other world, you see the words “prudent” and “safe” more than “new” and “exciting.” In this other world, financial freedom is more than just a fantasy. In this other world, wealth is built and shared.

Like the other worlds I talked about before, your world can’t be directly chosen. However, you can choose with your actions. Even the daily and small compound over time.

It all starts with what you choose to consume. With your chosen sources of information. Read more. Learn more. Stop procrastinating. Stop with excuses.

The choices you make produce the legacy you leave, whether you are conscious of it or not.

**In the World of Investing, There Are 2 Worlds**
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