Dividend Ratios Pt. 1: Evaluating the Dividend History of a Stock

One of the most disturbing trends on Wall Street that I’ve noticed over the last 100 years is the movement away from an emphasis on dividends and a thorough examination of a stock’s dividend history. There’s several reasons for this. One, a stereotype has been perpetrated that dividend stocks are only for risk averse investors, […]

Dividend Ratios Pt. 2: How to Identify Sustainable Dividend Growth

As we discussed in part 1 of this dividend mini-series, there is much focus on the past dividend growth of a stock– yet this doesn’t give a complete picture on well a company really performed. Go back to part 1 to get background on WHY we need a better metric to measure a stock’s dividend […]

Dividend Ratios Pt. 3: Measuring a Stock’s True Dividend Payout Ratio

Measuring how much a company is growing in size, and how much it has grown its dividend, is only one part to finding great dividend growth investments. Just like many metrics used today don’t consider both aspects of sustainable growth (as we discussed in the part 2 of this dividend ratio series), there’s a part […]

Dividend Ratios Pt. 4: Combining Two New Metrics & Putting It All Together

In part 1 of this dividend ratios series, I reviewed some of the most common metrics used by dividend investors today, and what these metrics lack in telling us the entire picture of a company. Parts 2 and 3 introduced two dividend ratios to better evaluate how a company truly performed and how this translated […]

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