What’s the Tax Rate on my Bonus if I Invest it in the Stock Market?

So, you’ve just received a big bonus at work and you’re wondering what you should be doing with it, any quite frankly, you’re worried about losing a lot of it due to such a high bonus tax rate.  First off, CONGRATS!  A bonus is a big deal.  It means you’re getting your stuff done and […]

IFB122: Analyzing the Growth of a Stock, Pt 2

Announcer:                        00:00                     You’re tuned in to the Investing for Beginners podcast. Finally, step by step premium investment guidance for beginners, led by Andrew Sather and Dave Ahern to decode industry jargon, silence crippling confusion and help you overcome emotions by looking at the number, your path to financial freedom starts now. Dave:                                    00:35                     All right, […]

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