Unqualified vs Qualified Audit Opinion: Auditor Report in the 10-k Explained

Accounting scandals can be a death knell to investors of a public company. There’s various ways to sniff out accounting “shenanigans”, but one of the easiest ways is to scan the auditor’s report of the 10-k. Essentially, you want to determine whether there’s a qualified or unqualified audit opinion, by looking for a few keywords. […]

Global Equities Momentum (40y Track Record Outperforming the S&P 500)

Updated 10/12/2023 Did you get tired reading that title?  If so, I’m sorry – but I wanted you to know that this entire article is showing you how Global Equities Momentum (GEM) has absolutely dominated the S&P 500 over a 40-year period. I’ve been reading the book Dual Momentum Investing by Gary Antonacci. I’m finally […]

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