Traditional Overdiversification Wisdom is Bunk. 15-20 Stocks= Not Enough.

Everything you’ve ever heard about diversification, and overdiversification, is wrong! The conventional wisdom is that any portfolio over 20- 30 stocks is overdiversified. This is wrong! The traditional idea about stock portfolio diversification is that anything more than 20 stocks, and your portfolio will track the market. In other words, if you’re buying more than […]

Passive and Sustainable Investing with Personal Capital’s Brendan Erne

Welcome to the Investing for Beginners podcast. In today’s show, we discuss: *Investing in Passive Investing using ETFs with Brendan Erne from Personal Capital *How to protect yourself in a downturn in the markets *The benefits and ways to invest in the ESG movement, plus all the insights on the benefits for society and the […]

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