Avoid a 20% Down Payment AND PMI with a Piggyback Loan!

Trying to scrape up the money needed to put money down on a house can be so incredibly hard, especially if you haven’t been planning for it that long or that it’s your first home.  One option that many people don’t consider, or at least don’t use, is a piggyback loan. I talked a little […]

Understanding Provision for Income Taxes and International Taxes

Provision for Income Taxes is a line item in a company’s Income Statement which tells investors how much a company pays in taxes for a given Fiscal Year. By looking closer in a company’s Notes to Financials, the investor can get clarity on additional details of the Provision for Income Taxes—such as which amount is […]

Bond Valuation Overview (With Formulas and Examples)

Updated 6/15/2022 “An investment in knowledge pays the best interest.” Benjamin Franklin As investors learn more about our investments, we become better investors. One of the many things I enjoy about investing remains the continual learning and the bottomless subjects to learn. In that vein, learning to value a bond is high on my list […]

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