A Guide to the Top Custodian Banks: What They Do and How They Work

Edited 3/24/2023 “Banking is a very good business if you don’t do anything dumb.” Warren Buffett Banking is a fascinating sector; it provides the lifeblood of capitalism credit, and its history intertwines with humankind. Think about it, railroads, automobiles, telephones, airplanes, and all tech came after banks, with many of the US’s biggest banks tracing […]

Understanding the Market Cycles with Mike Singleton of Invictus Research

Welcome to the Investing for Beginners podcast. In today’s show, we discuss: *We discuss investing around the market cycles with Mike Singleton, senior research analyst and founder of Invictus Research. *We talk through the different market cycles and what to look for in different areas of the markets during market cycles. *How to use the […]

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