What is a Good P/E Ratio?

The Price to Earnings, or P/E ratio, is one of the most basic ways to try and figure out if a stock is generally cheap. The logic behind the P/E ratio is quite simple. The equation for the P/E ratio is simply Price / Earnings. A low P/E is generally considered better than a high […]

A Deeper Look at all of the Credit Card Pros and Cons that Exist

We now live in a world where most people solely use credit cards, cash is a blast from the past. Check out these credit card pros and cons before making the leap. Are you at a point where you are considering your first credit card? Or do you have a relative, spouse, child, or some […]

BNPL Companies: Changing the Landscape of Payments

Buy Now, Pay Later. The “new” payment scheme trend many analysts project will generate $100 million in sales in 2021. The buy now, pay later scheme has become the new payment method, with BNPL becoming the new hip way. Many BNPL companies such as Affirm (AFRM), Afterpay, and Klarna lead this new field. Many other […]

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