The Secret Behind Warren Buffett’s Coca Cola Investment Revealed

Post Updated: 6/30/2023 When you look through the history of Warren Buffett’s career, you see a few key decisions that fueled so much compounding of capital. These include GEICO, American Express, the Washington Post… and of course, Coca Cola. In fact, Warren Buffett’s Coca Cola investment represented up to 40% of his portfolio in 1990; […]

A Free Calculator to Help You Calculate Your Dollar Cost Average Investments!

Updated: 9/07/2023 One of the most beautiful things about dollar cost averaging (or “ratable lump sum investing”) is that you’re buying on a predetermined timeline. The downside of this is that it can make it extremely tough to track your actual cost basis, however…and that’s why I made a free calculator to help! Key Takeaways […]

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