BVPS: How Valuable is it to Know the True Value of a Stock?

The book value per share (BVPS) ratio compares stockholders’ equity to the total number of outstanding shares. In other words, this calculates a company’s per-share total assets less total liabilities. Value investors have traditionally embraced book value per share as a method of valuing different investments. Benjamin Graham, the founder of value investing, developed what […]

The 3 Main Profitability Ratios Used; with Average Industry Profitability Stats

Updated 3/6/2024 Profit remains the goal of every business worldwide, but how do we track a company’s profitability and compare it to another’s? Profitability margins help answer both questions. Using the three main profitability margins remains the fastest and easiest way to determine a company’s profitability, and the ratios are simple to calculate, too! Revenue […]

How Much Should I Budget for a Car?

At times you need to treat yourself, but always make sure to calculate how much you can spend on a car before you go crazy! Are you tired of driving that old beater car around? Do you finally have some extra money and it’s time to make your first real “big kid” purchase? Or are […]

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