The Continuous Compound Interest Formula Excel Function for (Us) Nerds

Ever wanted to illustrate exactly how powerful compound interest can be? Wanted to have an Excel function to do it for you? This post reveals the continuous compound interest formula and how a function built into Excel will calculate it for you. Click to jump to a section: Why is Compounding Important? “Compound Interest is […]

5 Frugal Living Tips that Only Take Seconds to Implement

Who says you can’t have fun AND save money? Here are some great frugal living tips that keep money in your wallet without killing your lifestyle. The best part? They take almost no time at all… Click to jump to a section: Living in a Non-Frugal Place For the last two years, I lived with […]

Calculating Your Retirement Number Goal Based on Your Retirement Plan

What’s your retirement number? Everyone has different needs, desires, and goals for retirement. Let’s unpack each of those so you can calculate your own retirement number. Click to jump to a section: Find Your Starting Point RETIREMENT! Retirement, from the viewpoint of myself and a vast majority of my acquaintances, is something that a lot […]

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