11 Grocery List Items You Can Buy Online to Save $100s on your Budget

Do you know if you’re being overcharged at the grocery store? With the advent of online shopping, there are things you probably buy at the grocery store that you can now buy on Amazon to save money on your budget. This post will cover 11 commonly bought grocery list items and how the prices stack […]

How a Mean Reversion Strategy Can Take Advantage of Mispriced Stocks

A mean reversion strategy to the stock market can be applied in various ways. Investors can take advantage of mean reversion through value investing or a momentum-based trading strategy. Let’s take a look at mean reversion in this blog post – what it is and how it can be used with a technical analysis approach […]

7 Deadly Sins in Behavioral Finance (Common Biases that Investors Face)

Behavioral finance biases….where do I begin? This article will present financial pitfalls, some of which I have learned through my own experience. Below are seven behavioral finance biases that you must avoid!  Click to jump to a section: If you have already fallen into some of these, it’s ok. Stop, find your way out, and get going in […]

17 Vital Questions to Ask a Financial Advisor When Planning for the Future

Trusting someone to help you plan your future is a big decision, and it’s important to understand the right questions to ask a financial advisor to ensure it’s the right decision for you. The post will cover the many factors to asking the right questions of your potential financial advisor. Hopefully, this will dispel some […]

How Does Term Life Insurance Work?

Why are all of our most valuable assets insured, except for the ones that you love? This post will explain how term life insurance works and how it can be the most responsible decision you can make for the ones that you provide for. Click to jump to a section: Why Have Term Life Insurance? […]

What is a Good Dividend Yield?

Dividend (and dividend growth) investors have long debated what is a good dividend yield. How little yield is too little, and is a high yield always better? This post will dive into this debate to provide an answer to this question and why this is the answer. Click to jump to a section: If you’re […]

Stock Market Infographic Shows How Eerily Predictive the Shiller P/E Is

This single stock market infographic is perhaps the biggest selling point for Robert Shiller’s method. It clearly outlines that when the Shiller P/E has been high, the market has done poorly– and vice versa. In this post, contributor Andy Shuler introduces Robert Shiller and also presents a great chart showing how the Shiller P/E has […]

Calculating the Annualized Rate of Return for Good Financial Planning

Have you ever tried planning for your financial future, only to realize how difficult it is to project into it? This post will cover how calculating the annualized rate of return can give a road map of what kind of future wealth to expect… Click to jump to a section: Question – what is the […]

Budgeting for Beginners: An Easy 5-Step Plan to Making a Budget in Excel

One of the most common things that I hear from people is, “I don’t have any money.” The advice from most personal finance people is “just budget.” But there are countless “budgeting for beginners” templates that are anything but for beginners. A complicated spreadsheet isn’t helpful to someone just starting out. So I’ve written this guide. […]

The Continuous Compound Interest Formula Excel Function for (Us) Nerds

Ever wanted to illustrate exactly how powerful compound interest can be? Wanted to have an Excel function to do it for you? This post reveals the continuous compound interest formula and how a function built into Excel will calculate it for you. Click to jump to a section: Why is Compounding Important? “Compound Interest is […]

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