Back to Basics: Opportunity Costs in Investing

Welcome to The Investing For Beginners Podcast with Dave and Andrew. In today’s episode, “B2B Opportunity Costs,” they explore the concept of opportunity costs in investing. Using real-world examples, they discuss choosing between stocks and S&P 500 index funds, and evaluating savings account interest rates. Dave shares strategies inspired by Uncle Warren, emphasizing conviction in portfolio management, while Andrew highlights portfolio decisions and position sizing. They stress aligning investments with personal goals, tracking KPIs, and using company filings for crucial updates. Learn why assessing opportunity costs can enhance long-term returns and make smarter investment decisions. Tune in for valuable insights!

00:00 Investing has risk and opportunity cost considerations.
03:11 Investment decisions require careful consideration and analysis.
08:43 Monitoring business changes: qualitative and fact-based.
10:31 Rising costs impact profitability and competitive advantage.
14:27 Monitoring KPIs for business growth and stability.
20:00 Record reasons for buying, avoid impulsive trading.
24:38 Evaluate portfolio turnover to manage investment decisions.
26:06 Modeling mentor behavior. Focusing on key portfolio positions.
32:01 Investor focuses on sound decisions, not hype.
33:04 Consider opportunity costs when pursuing your goals.

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