Back to Basics: The Best Way to Read a 10k

Welcome to The Investing For Beginners Podcast! In this episode titled “How to read a 10-K,” Dave and Andrew dive deep into the world of annual reports, discussing the critical role a 10-K plays in helping investors understand a company’s performance and risks. They share their approaches to navigating complex financial information, filtering companies based on key indicators, and the importance of understanding different business metrics. From deciphering cash flow statements to uncovering potential blind spots in company risks, join our hosts as they unravel the intricacies of reading and analyzing 10-K reports. Learn how experience, note-taking, and deep thinking can empower you to make informed investment decisions as they explore the fundamental elements of company analysis. Stay tuned for invaluable insights on investing practices and techniques that can enhance your investing journey.

00:00 Publicly traded companies require 10-K for transparency.
04:47 Approach company analysis by focusing on revenue.
06:39 Using Finchat, I evaluate company financials.
10:14 Long-time user biased by positive experiences.
13:43 Focus on cyclical companies, especially John Deere.
17:38 Company focus on tech; understand key aspects.
21:46 Evaluate Netflix using shortcuts, like Finchat and, plus cash flow deductions.
25:20 Netflix revenue segmented by geography, US growth.
28:32 Analyzing KPIs, creating more questions, educational experience.
30:13 Writing things down helps learn and retain.
34:19 Analyzing company’s debt and potential future issues.
37:05 Analyze company checklist, research, and evaluate competitors.
40:35 Time spent thinking crucial for successful investing.

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