Investing Magazines: Top 8 List

A smart investor tries to soak up information like a sponge. Ask any expert, you’ll find their answers are all the same. Simply put, the best investors surround themselves with the best resources: investing magazines, investing books, and investing websites.

This list was put together in an effort to find the best investing magazines. Instead of letting my own personal biases affect these rankings, I’ve taken a purely quantitative approach to find you the top 8 investing magazines.

investing magazines

This top 8 list of investing magazines was composed by averaging the best seller rankings of the following sellers: Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and

To calculate the final average ranking, the rankings from all 3 sellers are added together and divided by 2. Because the lists contain so many different magazines, the highest ranking for any one magazine is dropped to zero. This also makes the final average ranking more useful for our purposes. Any magazine that only appears in one of the bestseller lists is eliminated from contention.

The resulting top 8 list is posted below, in descending order. Along with a link to buy each magazine, I’ve provided a quick summary of each investing magazine’s features.

best investing magazines

Top 8 Investing Magazines: 7-8

8. Kiplinger’s Retirement Report

This monthly magazine provides readers with dozens of strategies for retirement. Topics covered include ways to increase and grow retirement savings with the best mutual funds and money market funds, maximizing Social Security and Medicare benefits, and even deals on travel. The subscription also comes with free telephone access to the editors. Average Rank: 28

7. Inc. Magazine

Inc. Magazine (10 Issues/1 Year)

This magazine is the #1 all important resource for business owners. Inc. prides itself in being committed to finding success for small businesses. Included in the issues are tips from CEOs who have grown their small businesses into Fortune 500 companies. You also get specific information on finances and taxes as well as lifestyle balance strategies. Average Rank: 12

Top 8 Investing Magazines: 4-6

T-5. Bloomberg Businessweek

Bloomberg Businessweek (50 Issues/1 Year)

If you want to stay connected with the breaking news in the financial industry, this is the magazine for you. News stories include public policy discussions and its effects on the economy, business and technology trends, and corporation developments with its effect on your investment portfolio. The content is easy to understand yet also crucial to industry experts. Average Rank: 9

T-5. Trusts and Estates Law and Tax Journal

This journal is specifically for estate planning professionals. Features include an online archive that can be accessed as much as you want, an annual directory, and peer reviewed coverage. Average Rank: 9

4. Kiplinger’s Personal Finance

Kiplinger's Personal Finance (12 Issues/1 Year)

This magazine has a wealth of information over a vast array of personal finance topics. For anyone who is prudent and affluent,  Kiplinger’s will help you be smart with your money. From getting out of student loan debt, to buying a home, to saving for retirement, this publication has it all. You will also get expert advice on investments.

Average Rank: 4

Top 8 Investing Magazines: 1-3

3. Forbes

Forbes (26 Issues/1 Year)

Every year this magazine posts a list with the most wealthy people in the world. Unlike other magazines, Forbes oftentimes has subscribers who are on this list. The magazine reports on industries and the market, as well as global business stories. You will get the first report on any company mergers or lawsuits.

Covered topics include investments, management performance, technology, marketing and law. If you are aspiring to be a corporate leader and also stay in tuned with the ever changing market, Forbes is a must have. The best people to learn from are successful people, and the magazine consistently features some of the most successful in the world. Average Rank: 3

2. MONEY Magazine

The largest personal finance magazine in the country, Money magazine will help you plan your investments, earn more money, and spend smartly. You will get in depth analysis into stocks, mutual funds, and the market.

Oftentimes, the magazine shatters accepted myths about paying for college and saving for retirement. Also included in the issues is advice on the economy and on things like travel and luxurious goods.

Average Rank: 2

1. The Economist

The Economist (51 Issues/1 Year)

Not only do you get national news with the Economist, but you also get global current affairs and its effects on the domestic economy. You get updates on business affairs as well as on the latest political climate. This magazine covers the whole spectrum of knowledge, from science and technology, to business and politics, to the arts and international issues.

If you want to also be informed with everything happening in our world today, the Economist is required reading. The magazine can be a very helpful gift to someone trying to climb the corporate ladder who needs to stay on top of current affairs.

Each article is heavily detailed yet concise and quick to read. In addition to all of the news stories, readers get regular book and movie reviews. The magazine is easily one of the most popular current affairs subscriptions out there today.

Average Rank: 1.5

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