Bird’s Eye View of Bank Analysis (Citizen’s First Republic)

Welcome to the Investing for Beginners podcast! Today’s episode we will take a bite on a complex topic such as the banking industry. The discussion stemmed from a listener question sent to us about a bank and how to analyze it so of course we are more than happy to go deeper and talk about it. Listen on as we try to simplify as much as possible the jargons surrounding the business of banks.

Timestamps of the episode:

-Recent rundown on the banking sector and what happened so far. [02:56]

-What makes a bank different from a regular business and what are the risks. [05:46]

-Key parts in understanding the financial structure of the banking business. [09:30]

-Loan quality is everything for banks. Dave shares his “cheat code” in checking one. [18:15]

-Why the balance sheet of banks is the most important section of 10k’s compared to most businesses. [20:50]

-How studying the banking can be overwhelmingly exciting and too much at the same time. [26:15]

-Major red flags to look for when analyzing banks especially in the current times. [27:50]

Note: Timestamps may differ and are approximate, depending on your podcast player.

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You can find the transcript of today’s show below:

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