Bird’s Eye View of Dividends

Welcome to the Investing for Beginners podcast! Today’s episode will all about be dividends! For sure every one wants to receive cash from their hard earned money and dividends is one of those way! Listen on as we discuss about it, everything from what it really is, the perils and the metrics to use.

Timestamps of the episode:

-What dividends really are and why it compounds best. [02:22]

-Where to find dividends’ information on financial statement. [04:35]

-Why do different companies pay varying amounts of dividends or none at all. [07:10]

-How a life cycle of a business determines how much dividends it pays. [10:08]

-Metrics and ratios to know in exploring dividends. [14:00]

-How the maturity of a business affect the dividend yield. [21:00]

-The power and beauty of compounding dividends. [23:35]

Note: Timestamps may differ and are approximate, depending on your podcast player.

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You can find the transcript of today’s show below:

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