4 Reasons a Buy and Hold Strategy in Crypto Could Be a Terrible Idea

The technology behind crypto is very promising. Blockchain apps are unlocking decentralized solutions that could make the world a much better place. That does not mean buying and holding crypto will be a successful strategy for serious long term investors, however. Buy and hold works. It might not work for crypto. Here are 4 reasons […]

Crypto Pt3: Hidden Disadvantages of Crypto (Fees, Wait Times, Complexity…)

Many people can intuitively grasp the obvious disadvantages of cryptocurrency—it’s risky, volatile, unregulated, and (currently) unwieldy. However, there’s additional disadvantages of using cryptocurrency you’ll only come across as a user. This post will cover some of those hidden disadvantages. That’s not to say that cryptocurrency can’t improve, and that many of these problems won’t eventually […]

Understanding Cryptocurrency (Pt 2): Token Vs Coin

The crypto world can seem endlessly confusing, but it isn’t that bad. There are tokens, coins, blockchains, deFi, dApps, and ‘doh (kidding)—but there is a basic hierarchy to it all. Think of the difference of a token vs coin like roads vs interstate highways. Every highway is also a road, but not every road is […]

Crypto and Blockchain for Beginners – It’s All About Democracy!

I’m not a crypto or blockchain expert. In fact I barely know what I’m talking about, and maybe because I’m such a crypto beginner I can explain it simply for other beginners. I always thought of crypto as an investment option. This is wrong! Crypto and the blockchain are so much more than just another […]