Starting an Investment Firm: LLC, Limited Partnership, or Incorporate?

As an investor for over 9 years and LLC co-owner for over 5, I’ve thought a lot about utilizing my passion for investing in the most optimal way. Maybe you’re thinking of starting an investment firm, wanting to invest on your own or on behalf of others.  Well, there’s so many ways to do it, […]

Understanding Why a Company may Decide to Complete a Share Buyback

Companies will often take part in a share repurchase program. However, the reasons for the share buyback are often unknown and can lead to different outcomes. Have you read a company’s quarterly update or listened to their earnings call and heard of a plan for stock buyback or a stock repurchase? When you take a […]

What is a Def14A Statement and Why is it Important for Investors?

Did you know that Warren Buffett made $380,000 in 2020, which $100,000 was his salary, and the balance was security protection for him and his family? He received zero in bonuses, stock options, and stock. That’s right, one of the richest people in the world receives $100k a year, mind-boggling. How do I know this? […]

How It’s Possible to Begin Investing With No Money

Although it’s not easy to start investing with no money, it certainly isn’t impossible. Keep reading for tips to start your investment accounts now! There is one saying that you hear many people allude to, and that is, “it takes money to make money”. And while that may be somewhat true, it doesn’t mean you […]

Is Value Investing DEAD?? The 2 Reasons YES… and The 2 Reasons NO.

With growth investing absolutely destroying the market lately, people are wondering if value investing is dead. After all, the post-internet economy is much different than the pre-internet, value “hey days”. Just look at the biggest and most popular stocks—Facebook, Apple, Netflix, Google… and don’t forget Amazon and Microsoft. All of those have several things in […]

7 Compelling Arguments for Dividend Reinvestment vs a Payout in Cash

Is the income stream from dividend payouts the best part of dividend stocks? Not always. Taking that cash instead of reinvesting it leaves serious returns on the table. A good dividend reinvestment plan (also called DRIP) is vastly superior to taking a dividend payout as cash for most investors. It provides great levels of compound […]

Conquer Investment Bias with These Simple Mindset Shifts

All humans have inherent biases. It’s just decoded into our DNA. That said, is there one more costly to us than an investment bias? Most people are investors at their core. If you have a 401k, you are an investor. And all people are human beings, with biases. So, there are many people who are […]

How Do Dividends in a Roth IRA Work? What about REITs, MLPs, or ADRs?

When I first learned about Roth IRAs, I thought the whole point of them was to eliminate taxes. Well, in essence, pay the taxes first and then pay no taxes later. But then you have dividends. If you find yourself asking, “Are Roth IRA dividends taxable?” the answer is—probably not, but it depends. First let’s […]

How to Find the ADR Dividend Tax Policy of a Company in Minutes

An ADR, or American Depositary Receipt, is a simple type of share that allows U.S. investors to invest in companies which are headquartered outside the U.S. But the taxes for these are anything but; for example the capital gains taxes for ADRs are different than the ADR dividend tax. How these tax rates affect you […]

Is Cloning Top Fund Managers and Their Portfolios a Good Way to Go?

In Alice Schroeder’s biography of Warren Buffett, The Snowball: Warren Buffett and the Business of Life, Buffett admits that much of his early success was the result of “coat-tailing.” He followed the activities of top fund managers – like Graham – whose ideas could make him a lot of money. When we start, in anything, it […]