Useful Tricks to Form Good Money Habits into Natural Decisions

One thing is for certain, there are good money habits and there are bad. It seems like everyone has at least one bad habit (me included), but the key to a financially stable life is having more good money habits than bad ones. Good money habits are just like anything else in life. The more […]

Helpful Tips and Habits for When You Are Broke

Every single person has a different philosophy when it comes to saving or spending money.  Some people are penny pinchers and can save a ton of money quickly, while others spend it as soon as they get their hands-on money, no matter how much or how little they make. Saving habits are one topic, but […]

Don’t Think You Can’t Save Money Quickly With a Low Income?

Have you been told that with a low income you can’t save money quickly?  Have you been living check to check for the last ten years and you are finally tired of it?  Are you stressed that you will never find a job where you feel like you’ll make enough money? If you answered yes […]

Always Broke and Need More Money? Try These Simple Solutions

I don’t know about you, but one of the worst feelings in the world is thinking “I’m broke and need money”.  For some of us this may be an everyday feeling you have, trust me, I have been there, and most people at one point in their life have been there as well. The big […]

What Is a Sinking Fund? Only the BEST Way to Stay On Budget!

I’m not lying – having a sinking fund is literally the best way that you can stay on budget. I mean, sure – you could just go make a bajillion dollars instead but that’s not exactly a feasible path forward for most of us. So, what is a sinking fund? Before I get into the […]

18 Essential Money Saving Tips for When You Are Broke

Facing reality when you are broke is the only way you will get out. Being broke can be temporary if you accept your situation and work really hard to break out of it. As someone who waited tables for 3 years after graduating with a master’s degree because I couldn’t find a career, I’ve been […]

Save On Your Electric Bill with These Unconventional Tips

Sometimes it pays to be silly. If you’re willing to not take yourself too seriously, maybe some of these tips could help you save on your electric bill in ways you might not have thought. Before we dive in, let’s review the components of my electric bill which contributed the most to the cost. The […]

11 Surprising Ideas for How to Save Money On Vacation Easily

How many times have you wanted to go on vacation, but felt like you didn’t have enough money to afford it? The reality is—you might actually have enough, if you knew how to save money while on vacation. In this post, we’ll go over 11 easy ideas to help you save money on vacation. It […]

How to Utilize an Every Dollar Budget to Reach Financial Independence!

Before you get too far into this blog post, I just want to let you know that you should buckle up because I am absolutely going to fanboy over this budgeting strategy. I have tried various budget programs and processes and I think that the Zero Based Budget process is second to none, except I […]

A Big Rainy Day Fund = Getting Rich

Some people refer to the term Rainy Day Fund as being the same thing as an emergency fund.  Personally, that’s not at all how I view my rainy day fund and I think that there is actually a pretty significant difference between the two. It is imperative that all people have an emergency fund and […]