Everything you Need to Know: Traditional IRA Pros and Cons

Traditional IRA accounts don’t have to be utilized just for retirement funds. Check out Traditional IRA pros and cons to see if an account makes sense for you. As you work to enter the next big phase of your life, it’s sometimes easy to forget about planning for after your career, when you are just […]

What are the Best Types of IRA for My Retirement Goals?

When I first started investing, trying to understand all of the lingo and the complicated methods to do things was quite simply overwhelming. Retirement accounts are something that many of us have likely heard of, but chances are, we might have no idea what they even do and why they’re there. That’s the exact reason […]

Ready, Set, GO RETIRE!

Preparing for retirement can seem like a daunting task, but the earlier you start, the more buffer that you provide to yourself.  On your mark, get set – GO RETIRE!   Does this sound like you? Age: 18-25 Married: Matter? Yep, but not for retirement Kids: Matter? Absolutely, but again, not for retirement Employed? Ok, kinda […]

What Cashing out a 401K can cost you

Need money now? Cashing out a 401K is an option, but not the first option you should consider when liquidating assets. All of us, at one point in time, have gone through a rough patch. Whether that be a mental, financial, or physical issue, we have all gone through something. What I want to focus […]

There are Several 401k Alternatives Available to You

Are you stressed about your company not offering a 401K retirement plan? Don’t worry, there are tons of 401k alternatives for you to choose from. There are many phases we go through as humans. The first thing we all think about is getting our driver’s license. Then it moves on to moving out of our […]

No-Nonsense Financial Planning for Beginners (Pt2: Income)

Ask anyone who’s gone from making a small income to making a lot—saving and investing becomes SO much easier when you have a higher income. One of the problems with financial planning for beginners is that many start picking the low hanging fruit, cutting large expenses, but then stop there. The hard reality is, until […]

No-Nonsense Financial Planning Guide for the DIY Individual (Pt1: Expenses)

Success in financial planning comes down to a few key principles. Define your goals, curb your desires, and have patience and discipline. Make the right decisions and habits.  Have the right plan. When it comes to managing your personal finances, it’s not a game to win overnight—it’s more like a path to follow, one you […]

Struggling to Save? Start with These 4 Simple Auto-Investments

One of the hardest steps to becoming financially independent is finally getting that little snowball moving downhill by creating a gap between your income and spending. Once you’ve done that, it’s now onto the fun part – investing! And by far the best way to keep up the momentum with your goals is to set […]

The 3 Timeless Principles of Wealth Creation to Live By

When it comes to building wealth, there’s an endless supply of advice and ideas to get there. If we really boil it down to the best wisdom, that which actually works, we can see recurring themes which have been passed down from many wealthy people through the millennia. To sum it up, I’ve identified three […]

Is it Time to Retire? Find Out with This Saving Money Chart!

Have you ever used a saving money chart? Personally, I love them because I feel like I can sit there and look at people in different ages and compare myself to them, but there’s one major issue – they’re all awful! Key Takeaways As a rule of thumb, 25X your salary is a good target […]

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