75 Motivational Saving Money Quotes to Power You Through 2022

Personal finance is something that requires a lot of hard work and dedication, and let’s be honest – when you’re first getting started, it’s so incredibly hard to find motivation. Let’s keep you on the right track with these 75 investing, motivational and saving money quotes! Investing 1 – “An investment in knowledge pays the […]

How Can I Better Utilize Short-Term Investments?

Do you have some extra cash laying around in a savings account? If so, you should consider a short-term investment strategy to allow your money to grow. Do you have some extra cash laying around that you are looking to invest, but you may be a little passive on the stock market? Or, maybe you […]

Why It’s Important to Continue Investing in You

Sometimes the first person everyone forgets is themself. Make sure that doesn’t become you and you continue to invest in yourself. In the events of everyday life, sometimes the easiest person to forget is you. We often find ourselves so wrapped up in taking care of other people or other things, that we often put […]

4 Money-Saving Hacks to Ring in the New Year!

As we roll into the New Year, it is time to get started with some great money-saving hacks to help you retire rich. While smart investing is part of the journey to early retirement, saving money daily will light a fire beneath the power of compounding within your investment portfolio. Put together, these savings tips […]

Simple Guide: 457 vs Roth IRA Explained for Non-Finance Types

Maybe you’re a firefighter hearing about a 457(b). Maybe you’ve heard words like Roth, 457, IRA, and 401k thrown around and don’t know what they mean. And maybe—you just want to get your retirement set-up and then forget about it. Well you’re in the right place. Let’s just clear it all up and make it […]

Make Life 2% Cheaper with Cash Back Credit Cards!

Credit cards can get a bad wrap, but when using the right card and paying your account down to zero on a monthly basis, cash back credit cards can be a powerful way to help knock 2% off your annual expenses! Smart savers would be wise to use cash back credit cards and get a […]

Are You Tax Efficient Investing? If Not, You’re Losing Tons of Money!

One thing that I often see among newer investors is that they’re extremely inefficient in their investing process. They’ll have absolutely zero tax strategy and it costs them a ton of money in the end. If this is you, don’t worry – you’re going to leave this post with some great tax efficient investing strategies […]

Avoid a 20% Down Payment AND PMI with a Piggyback Loan!

Trying to scrape up the money needed to put money down on a house can be so incredibly hard, especially if you haven’t been planning for it that long or that it’s your first home.  One option that many people don’t consider, or at least don’t use, is a piggyback loan. I talked a little […]