Tax-Efficient Investing: Understanding Tax Types and Investment Accounts (CFA Level 3)

Understanding the concept of pre-tax and post-tax investment income is an imperative part of the investing and financial planning roadmap. Different assets (ie. stocks, bonds, REITs) have different types of income that will be taxed in different ways from annual taxes, to deferred taxes, to wealth taxes. The difference in after-tax income adds up to […]

Handy Andy’s Lessons – How to Save Money WITH Credit Cards

Welcome back to the second of the most anticipated series of all time, HANDY ANDY’S LESSONS! In the first episode of Handy Andy’s Lessons, we talked about starting a dividend portfolio, but now we’re here with a personal finance subject – how to save money WITH credit cards! Click to jump to a section: I know […]

Hey Andy – How Much Should I Save a Month?

Spend less than you earn.  Simple words to live by but not really anything that’s truly that helpful, you know? Any person getting started on their financial freedom journey likely starts by asking, “How much should I save a month?” Well, unfortunately for you, I have some bad news… I don’t know. Seriously, I really have […]

Handy Andy’s Lessons: 3 Methods to Save Money from Your Salary

I often hear that people can’t save money because they have none. For many people, this likely isn’t true. Instead, they likely don’t have the proper systems to save money. It’s not hard to learn these methods, but it can be tough to implement, and that’s why I am here to try to show you the way! […]

Hey Andy – Why Do People Invest?

To someone that is not an investor in the stock market, beginning to invest can be absolutely terrifying, and guess what – I 100% understand. It’s easy to get lost in the industry jargon and the numbers people talk about and just be turned off from investing altogether, but I am here to answer the […]

A Simple Reminder on All Items to Include When Budgeting to Buy a Car

Buying a car can be fun, but make sure you catch all the hidden costs before making a purchase. I have spent a lot of time recently talking about budgeting for kids, a wedding, and a first house. All items are extremely important, but also items that might not happen the first year or two […]

Planning out the Perfect Wedding Reception on a Budget

Are you recently engaged or planning to get hitched in the near future? A romantic engagement and a perfect wedding day are nearly every woman’s dream. I’ve personally been through the entire process myself and I’ll admit, it was a lot of fun. However, it can also be one of the most stressful times as […]

Tips on Mastering the Art of Eating Out on a Budget

Are you a person who has a hectic evening life? Are you constantly running around in the evenings and thinking about what you can eat? Are you cramped for time during the day and constantly find yourself eating out? Trust me, I have two kids and a job that takes up 50 to 60 hours […]

Figuring Out the Right Amount to Spend on Groceries Each Month

Are you trying to figure out where all your money is going each month? Is one of your biggest spending categories at the grocery store? Truthfully, groceries are likely always going to eat up a big chunk of your monthly budget, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t zero in on figuring out the right amount […]

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