What is Tapering in Finance and the Taper Tantrum of 2013?

The word tapering is getting mentioned a lot in the news these days as central banks are starting to tighten monetary policy. What does it mean when a central bank discusses tapering and how might it affect markets? What was the Taper Tantrum of 2013 I keep hearing being mentioned? This article will take a […]

What is Banking As A Service (BaaS)? Finally the Future of Banking?

One of the hottest scenes in the market today is fintech, with $266 billion in new investments in the first half of 2021 alone. The rise of fintech such as PayPal, Square, Affirm, Adyen, Stripe, and many others is driving many innovations in banking, leading to fantastic valuations and huge gains in the market. Banking […]

How Payment Processing Works: A Guide for Beginners

How many of you still carry cash, or how many of us still pay for anything with cash? If you are like me, not many of us. The use of credit cards, debit cards, and online payment processing has exploded over the last ten years. But do any of us understand how payment processing works? […]

Publicly Traded Home Builders Report: Spring 2022 Results

Public financial data collected by investment newsletter provider Sather Research, LLC showed that 6 Publicly Traded Home Builders Grew Total Revenues Over 16% YOY in the January – March Quarter, According to Latest Earnings Releases. Of the publicly traded home builders who released earnings results in April, the following 6 companies grew revenues 16% YOY: […]

The Roles, Levels, and Salaries of C Level Management Explained

C-level management, or the C-suite, includes all the top managers of any company, such as Microsoft, Berkshire Hathaway, and Tesla. The C-level management remains responsible for the company’s path and the choices that affect the company in its entirety. The C level has many different roles within the C level, with each role playing its […]

How to Invest in Commodities Long Term [Using 75+ Years of Data]

Commodities go in-and-out of favor, moving up-and-down in supercycles. So how you know which commodities are the best to invest in? Using 75+ years of data, we will look at the top 3 commodities of the 7 decades, and then give 4 simple, practical tips for and researching and buying commodity stocks for long term […]

Fintech 101: Intro to Financial Technology

Fintech, or financial technology, describes new tech that seeks to enable and improve financial services. Despite the uptick in fintech and how we use our money, many consumers and investors remain unclear about what “fintech” means. From the recent headlines proclaiming the latest disruption in business to the emerging crypto landscape, fintech occupies a large […]

How to Calculate the Loan to Deposit Ratio; Average LDR of the Big Banks

Deposits continue as the lifeblood of banks, and loans help generate income for the bank. The more deposits, the more loans, which leads to higher income. After the Great Financial Crisis (GFC) from 2007 to 2009, banks received much focus, and the meltdown caused bankruptcies and many banks to run out of money. Because of […]

The History of American Express and their Business Model

American Express’s history helped shape the structure of finance, along with its unique business model. Warren Buffett thinks so highly of American Express that he owns almost 20 percent of the company and remains the largest overall shareholder. During the salad oil scandal, Buffett began his journey with American Express in 1964. And it was […]

What to Know Before Investing in Solar Energy

Solar power, wind, and hydro are the leaders among energy investments globally, with over $175.8 billion in solar. But what do we know about solar power and the grid needed to generate, transport, and deliver us – the consumer – power? And how can we find great investments taking advantage of this growing resource? According […]