Comparing the P/E Ratio of Nifty 50 Companies with Today (7 Examples)

The nifty 50 companies were the most popular stocks of their time in the 1960’s and 1970’s. These 50 companies were growing so fast that investors bought them at any price, even at high P/E ratios. There were valid reasons behind these high P/E (Price to Earnings) ratios. But, as we’ll uncover today, the results […]

FAANG Companies: Is Their High Growth Sustainable?

The FAANG companies—aka Facebook, Apple, Amazon, Netflix, Google—are technology leaders of the stock market known for their high rates of growth. They are sometimes referred to as “Big Tech”. There is no special qualification to be a FAANG stock; it’s simply a catchy acronym to represent some companies which have done really, really well in […]

What Negative Net Income Means for a Company; Number of Years [S&P 500]

The facts behind negative net income are clear. Negative net income is when a company’s expenses are larger than their revenues. Simple as that. What’s maybe less clear are the implications to a company with negative net income. It’s some of these questions and more I’ll try to answer for everyone today. But first let’s […]

R&D Spending as a Percentage of Revenue By Industry [S&P500]

Research and Development, or R&D, spending is a critical expense for companies looking succeed in the future—depending on which industry that company is in. Watching trends in R&D spending, particularly as a percentage of revenue, can help investors get an idea of how forward thinking a company is being. R&D spending is a main operating […]

Is the Santa Claus Rally a Real Thing? Spoiler – It is!

I recently was having a conversation with a coworker where they said that the Santa Claus Rally was one of their favorite times of the year when it comes to investing. I have heard the term of Santa Claus Rally before but it’s typically on CNBC and truthfully, that’s the exact type of phrase that […]

What is a Good Net Profit Margin? 20 Years of Data from the S&P 500

Healthy margins are a telling signal of a healthy business. But what’s considered a good net profit margin can vary depending on the industry, and depending on the year. In my mind, it’s difficult to understand what constitutes a good net profit margin (also called “net margin”, or “net income margin”) when you have no […]

Reason #1 to Invest in the Stock Market? 100 Years of Makin’ Money!

Do you like makin’ money?  That’s what I thought!  Yes, we all do!  And guess what – the stock market has 100 years of history doing nothing but making money for people. At the end of it all, that’s why any of us invest in the stock market.  Sure, we might do it so that […]

Price to Sales is NOT Relevant When Margins Are High – 20Y [S&P 500 Data]

The price to sales ratio (or the P/S ratio) has long been a reliable metric for uncovering value because (1) sales tend to be more consistent, and (2) they give a way to value companies that aren’t profitable. But this is changing as high tech companies become more of the norm. And you can see […]

Examining Kroger’s (KR) Dividend History and the Growth of its Business

Kroger (KR) was thrust into the public spotlight when it was reported that billionaire Warren Buffett purchased almost 19 million shares. Buffett has built his fortune on stocks with dividends, and looking at the KR dividend history we might be able to see why he’s interested in this grocer. Kroger, or officially The Kroger Co […]

Realty Income (O) Dividend History: Monthly Income, Long Track Record

Realty Income Co (O) is a company that has a really strong focus on providing dividend value to their shareholders, and honestly, I see the stock mentioned all the time among dividend communities.  So, it really made me think – what does the O dividend history really look like? One of my biggest issues with […]

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