Dollar-Based Net Retention Ratio in SaaS Companies

In the SaaS (software-as-a-service) world, we have many ways to measure the impact of customers churning or leaving the platform. In a recurring revenue model, we can use a dollar-based net revenue retention rate (DBNR), also known as net retention rate, to help us out.  These ratios are SaaS’s most commonly cited metrics to measure […]

The Rise, Fall, and Rise Again of Warren Buffett’s GEICO Investment

Warren Buffett’s GEICO investment was pivotal for two of the greatest investors of all-time. The history of GEICO’s stock is fascinating, with many ups and downs. This post will discuss the rise, fall, and rise again of GEICO’s stock. It will talk about how Warren Buffett’s mentor, Benjamin Graham, bought GEICO and saw it become […]

Should I Invest in Companies with Good Gross Margins?

To make money, you need to spend money. Companies have to operate on the same principle and successful businesses find a way to generate revenues with fewer costs, creating profits. One way we, as investors, measure profitability is the gross margin. Gross margins can help us determine how well a company manages its costs. We […]

How to Use Net Profit Ratio to Find a Worthy Investment

“If you do good valuation work, the market will eventually agree with you.” –Joel Greenblatt There are many methods for determining a company’s profitability. The net profit ratio is crucial since it measures how much money a business keeps after all costs are covered. Net income equals a company’s earnings, which Wall Street and analysts […]


A negative P/E ratio can be concerning. You can’t really compare a negative P/E ratio with other stocks’ P/E’s. I’ll discuss 3 major, possible reasons a company might have a negative P/E. This blog post will be split into these sections [Click to Skip Ahead]: Be sure to check out the Investor Takeaway for an […]

The Circuit City Bankruptcy: Hubris and Aggressive Overextension

With hindsight, the Circuit City bankruptcy looked like a similar story to Blockbuster’s. It was innovation, new concepts and businesses, defeating the old. However, there were clear red flags before this sudden collapse. We can see them by looking deeper at the accounting and financial statements of Circuit City. Circuit City collapsed very, very quickly. […]

Calculate Earnings Yield and Return on Capital (Real-Life Example)

Investors looking to chase higher market returns can look to Joel Greenblatt’s book The Little Book That Beats the Market. In the book, Gleenblatt taught about a magic formula. That formula consisted of two distinct parts: earnings yield and return on capital. The way Greenblatt defined earnings yield and return on capital (which are somewhat […]

Why Liquidity Ratios Are Important, With Examples Using Real Companies

In times of financial uncertainty, finding companies with a good amount of liquidity provides a margin of safety. Companies in good shape regarding liquidity can react to any crisis by taking advantage of opportunities. Beyond safety, the two reasons above help explain why Berkshire Hathaway carries so much cash on its balance sheet. The current […]

5 Key Metrics: Balance Sheet vs Income Statement (Example with $AAPL)

Financial statements can look intimidating. There can be many line items. To learn how to navigate a company’s balance sheet and income statement– break it up into sections. In this post, we will chop the financial statements for Apple ($AAPL) into key sections, so you can better understand and learn what’s most important. To start– […]

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