What is a Good Dividend Yield?

Dividend (and dividend growth) investors have long debated what is a good dividend yield. How little yield is too little, and is a high yield always better? This post will dive into this debate to provide an answer to this question and why this is the answer. Click to jump to a section: If you’re […]

Building a Dividend Growth Portfolio with Tomorrow’s Dividend Aristocrats

If you’ve ever listened to Andrew on the Investing for Beginners podcast then you know that he is the “DRIP King!” You might know this, but always wonder why. Well, let me show you the true power of having a high-performing dividend growth portfolio. Click to jump to a section: What is DRIP? In the […]

Should I Own Exxon Solely for the XOM Dividend?

If you’re a dividend lover like we are at Investing for Beginners, then chances are you’ve at least taken a peek at the XOM dividend before. I mean, I know that I certainly have, given that it has such an impressive track record, but does that alone make it enticing enough to invest in the […]

Dividend Theory: For Big Tech, Dividends are a Moral Imperative

The theory of dividends has long been disputed. As interest rates have declined, dividends have become less attractive. As growth stocks have reigned supreme, dividends have taken the backseat. In today’s fast, high, and big tech world, we need to reconsider dividend theory. Shareholders need to push companies, like the big 4 tech companies, to […]

How to Find High Quality Dividend Stocks that Are “Simply Safe”

My name is Brian Bollinger, and I am the founder of Simply Safe Dividends, a website that helps individual investors responsibly build and manage their dividend portfolios. Prior to starting Simply Safe Dividends, I worked as an equity research analyst at a multibillion-dollar investment firm that actively managed several equity funds. I am also a […]

Utilize This Free Dividend Payout Calculator to Maximize Your Returns!

Dividend stocks are something that intrigues so many people yet so many people have no idea what to even look for when they’re evaluating those companies.  Personally, I think that the payout ratio is one of the most important ratios to consider, but do you know how to properly use it?  If not, don’t fear, […]

Dividend Aristocrats are OVERRATED! Check Out This Dividend Kings List!

Chances are that you have heard of Dividend Aristocrats before and chances are that you have been told that they are the bees’ knees.  Well, maybe they are, but if you want to know what the bees’ brain, arms, legs and feet are, check out this Dividend Kings List! First off, what even are Dividend […]

Simple Excel Dividend Calculator for Metrics like Yield and Payout Ratio

Dividend Calculator.  End of Post. Kidding!  But, if you’re an investing nerd like I am, then the words dividend and calculator both, independently, get me irrationally excited…so when I combine the two…I might start to salivate a little bit. Ok – you’re probably a little freaked out right now, but if you are truly an […]

What is a Good Payout Ratio?

Last week I talked about dividends and specifically tackled the question of “what is a good dividend yield?”  While a good dividend yield is extremely important, it can be argued that the payout ratio is even more important.  The payout ratio is rather simple – it’s the ratio of the dividend/share to EPS.  For instance, […]

Dividend Ratios Pt. 1: Evaluating the Dividend History of a Stock

One of the most disturbing trends on Wall Street that I’ve noticed over the last 100 years is the movement away from an emphasis on dividends and a thorough examination of a stock’s dividend history. There’s several reasons for this. One, a stereotype has been perpetrated that dividend stocks are only for risk averse investors, […]

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