What is a Hyperinflationary Economy and What Are the Effects?

In a time where inflation is a hot topic around the coffee bar, let’s take a deeper look at a hyperinflationary economy and the impacts that it can have. With the United States economy currently on crutches and war in Ukraine with no current end in sight, inflation and recession have become a part of […]

Is Investment Management A Good Career Path? Exploring Investing Jobs

If you’re thinking about a career in finance and you enjoy working with people, you may find the investment niche quite attractive. Plus, with the right skills, it’s easy to find the job enjoyable and satisfactory in terms of rewards and perks. But what career path should you take if you want to work as […]

Be Aware of Liquidity Risk as an Investor

Liquidity Risk is an important concept that continuously pops its ugly head up from time to time. It occurs when a party has urgency or an obligation to discharge an asset and it affects the market price for that asset by trying to sell it too quickly. Sometimes obligations cannot be met fully (even at […]

Cash Vs. Stock Acquisitions: What’s Driving The Bus?

“If you aggregate all of our stock-only mergers (excluding those we did with two affiliated companies, Diversified Retailing and Blue Chip Stamps), you will find that our shareholders are slightly worse off than they would have been had I not done the transactions. Though it hurts me to say it, when I’ve issued stock, I’ve […]

Everything You Need to Know About M&A Synergies

“Why do mergers and acquisitions carry such a high degree of risk? In almost all cases, the seller, who has operated the business for years, knows much more about it and its weak spots than does the buyer.” Phil Fisher Companies allocate more on mergers and acquisitions (M&A) than any other option for capital allocation. […]

M&A As A Growth Strategy

Merger and acquisition activity drives much more growth than investors realize, and many companies practice mergers and acquisitions or M&A as their main source of growth. Companies such as Google, Microsoft, Facebook, and Constellation Software use M&A as a means to sustain or continue their growth. Between June and April of 2021, there have been […]

Simple Merger and Acquisition Terms for Beginners

Learning M&A is a little like learning another language. Understanding the different terms associated with M & M&A will go a long way to understand why companies undertake this process and what they hope to gain for the company and shareholders. Having a common understanding of the most common terms used in general M&A conversations. […]

Mergers and Acquisitions: Easy Basics for Beginners

Global mergers and acquisitions (M&A) volumes hit a record high in 2021, overtaking 2020’s deals. According to Refinitiv data, the total volume of completed deals, along with those in the pipeline, is $3.6 trillion in 2021, with three months to go, passing the $3.59 trillion of 2020. Mergers and acquisitions are on the upswing, typical […]

Bond Valuation Overview (With Formulas and Examples)

Updated 6/15/2022 “An investment in knowledge pays the best interest.” Benjamin Franklin As investors learn more about our investments, we become better investors. One of the many things I enjoy about investing remains the continual learning and the bottomless subjects to learn. In that vein, learning to value a bond is high on my list […]

Financial Impact of Mergers and Acquisitions: Amazon’s Purchase of Whole Foods

Companies expend more energy on mergers and acquisitions (M&A) than any other means of capital allocation. For many companies, such as Cisco and Intel, M&A is the most effective method for capital allocation and pursuing strategic goals. Even a company as powerful as Amazon pursued a merger and acquisition strategy to purchase Whole Foods to […]