Chris Grainger Joins Us to Discuss Budgeting, Credit, and Investing

Welcome to the Investing for Beginners podcast! Today’s episode is a timely one for the new year as we have Chris Grainger from the Lion Within Us talk with us about personal finance especially tackling the word “budget” which has become a taboo and being taken for granted by most. He also talks about how to become a good steward of your money by following the different pillars he developed himself. This was a fun conversation, punctuated with laughs and jokes, as Andrew and Chris are friends in real life so listen on!

Key takeaways of the episode:

-Chris Grainger shares his personal finance journey and the importance of emergency fund.

-The four pillars of stewardship of money: Giving, saving, spending, and investing.

-Savings should be an expense line item not otherwise.

-Doing monthly budget meetings and why it is a must.

-Tips on budgeting and managing sudden knee jerk big purchases.

-Why managing your budget should be a fun exercise and not a rigid one to fall for.

-How the EveryDollar app can help you get started with budgeting.

-The appeal of investing that gets Chris excited the most.

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You can find the transcript of today’s show below:

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