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Dividend Value Investors Mastermind

An exclusive opportunity to brainstorm regularly with Andrew and Dave, and build a network of other high-level investors and entrepreneurs.

To get more details about what the Mastermind will include and how it will be run, please schedule a 15 minute call with Andrew at this calendar link. Instructions on how to apply will also be given during this call.

A short summary of what the DVI Mastermind is about:

  • $500/ month membership dues
  • Must be managing a $25k+ portfolio to apply
  • Monthly online Mastermind sessions with Andrew, Dave, and 3-6 other active and motivated investors and entrepreneurs
  • 1-on-1 business coaching and brainstorming with Andrew
  • Exclusive business and income stream opportunities for Founding Members (details are private but will be shared if you schedule a call)
  • Private annual in-person dinner meetup to be included in the dues

Applications are due June 1st 2019, and the first Mastermind sessions will be held in the first week of July. Schedule a call with Andrew for more details.