Evan of My Money Marathon Joins Us to Discuss Personal Finance + Investing

Welcome to the Investing for Beginners podcast! Today’s episode is a must for begginer investors! We’re having Evan from mymoneymarathon.com talk with us his investing journey and also gives good personal finance advice for people who are in their early 20’s like him. Evan runs the mymoneymarathon.com blog, a passion project of his with the goal of helping beginners into the world of investing. Our podcast shares his enthusiasm in spreading financial literacy and achieving financial independence so our conversation was such a treat! Listen on!

Timestamps of the episode:

-Evan introduces himself and shares his personal finance journey. [00:20]

-People are willing to share about investing/personal finance more than what you would think otherwise. [02:31]

-How Evan manages to avoid the usual early financial mistakes people at his age make. [03:51]

-Evan’s cool approach to budgeting. [06:23]

-Why he thinks investing is a must have for everyone. [09:06]

-Evan talks about saving vs investing and what made him hooked in the stock market. [10:54]

-The misconception that the stock market is inaccessible and is reserved only for the few. [14:10]

-How management fees can eat up your returns in the long term. [16:47]

-Setting up automation in investing is easier than it sounds. [18:22]

-Evan shares how beginners can start investing in the stock market. [19:45]

-How to manage your emotions when your investment portfolio is down. [23:25]

-The idea and goal behind Evan’s mymoneymarathon.com blog. [27:23]

-The most important thing he has ever done in investing. [31:15]

-Evan goes through some of his relevant blog post for beginners and gives out terrific advice as well. [31:55]

Evan’s blog- https://mymoneymarathon.com

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You can find the transcript of today’s show below:

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