IFB264: Basics of Risk + REITs and DCF

Welcome to the Investing for Beginners podcast! Today’s episode will be us catering to another two great listener questions! Here we will open the talk on a question about what risk and volatility really is and end the episode with us taking a stab on the nature of REITs and how to value them. Talk about diversity so listen on!

Timestamps in the episode:

-Unpacking the idea of risk and how it governs your investing in general. [01:51]

-What is volatility? and how it relates to risk. [03:52]

-Separating the stock price from its business fundamentals. Focus on the underlying business! [06:42]

-How to navigate and handle risk and volatility. [12:11]

-Talking about what are REITs and how to value them. [16:28]

-What is AFFO/FFO and what it means to valuing REITs profitability. [20:08]

-How to use a discounted cash flow (DCF) on REITs. [24:04]

-Risks in doing DCF- tunnel vision and bogging down into unnecessary minute details. [28:20]

Note: Timestamps may differ and are approximate, depending on your podcast player.

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You can find the transcript of today’s show below:

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