IFB266: Where Does the Money Go After Investing + Buying Companies Going Up

Welcome to the Investing for Beginners podcast! In today’s episode, we have another round of great listener questions! As usual, we love receiving these types of questions as it refreshes our knowledge in the basics. We will talk about what happens to the money every time you buy a stock, average cost basis, dividend re-pricings and more! Listen on!

Timestamps of the episode:

-When you buy a stock, where does the money go? Dave and Andrew discuss the structure behind buying, selling and utilizing of shares. [02:13]

-What does it mean when a stock price fall?[05:50]

-How to cope with your price anchoring bias especially if you have cash to invest and your holdings are above your average costs. [08:10]

-Why averaging up your cost basis is much harder to do than averaging down. [15:00]

-Are companies lately decreasing their dividends? If so, what does it mean and why you should not be concerned. [17:04]

-Why would a company decrease/increase their dividends in general? [20:03]

Note: Timestamps may differ and are approximate, depending on your podcast player.

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You can find the transcript of today’s show below:

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