IFB350: Investing Abroad – Understanding TSMC, Geopolitical Risks, and Foreign Companies

Welcome to Episode 350 of The Investing For Beginners Podcast! Today, Andrew and Dave delve into the intriguing world of international and tech investments. We’ll kick things off by addressing a listener’s question about investing in foreign companies and the unique challenges it presents, using TSMC’s ADR as a case study. We’ll explore the impact of geopolitical factors, differing accounting standards, and cultural nuances.

Next, we shift gears to discuss the tech and energy sectors, focusing on the rising demand for cloud computing and green energy infrastructure. We’ll highlight Microsoft’s collaboration with Brookfield Asset Management, Georgia’s new nuclear facilities, and the US’s electricity infrastructure needs. Plus, we’ll predict the future landscape of cloud powerhouses like AWS, Microsoft Azure, and Google Cloud Platform, and debate whether chip manufacturers like TSMC or AMD may get crowded out.

We’ll also tackle the controversial topic of investing in Palantir, diving into its high PE ratio, stock-based compensation, and Dave’s evolving perspective on its potential. Wrapping up, we’ll consider the opportunities and risks of investing in the burgeoning cloud industry, from data centers to power back-ups.

Stay tuned for an insightful episode packed with expert advice on navigating the complex terrains of international and tech investments!

00:00 Consideration of different accounting standards in global business.
03:19 Understanding cultural differences crucial for international investing.
07:02 High PE means more risk, but depends.
10:08 Palantir’s potential growth and stock volatility explained.
14:48 Comparing computing power: AWS vs Azure.
18:11 It’s hard to pick a winner. Invest wisely.
21:08 Data centers expanding for faster customer access.
25:29 US infrastructure needs significant investment for improvement.
26:33 Interest in learning tech and energy related areas.
29:47 Emphasize safety while investing. Have a great week!

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