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What’s Your Investor Archetype?

There are 3 major archetypes when it comes to investing for retirement, and it all depends on a person’s specific situation. Each archetype will have different goals and different skill set requirements for success, which means the strategies and types of information needed will vary depending on the person.

Take this “quiz” to find out what your archetype is. It’s very quick, and inside of the report you’ll find a link for the next logical step based on where you stand.

The information in the report is easy to understand and implement. Here’s the categories and characteristics that will determine your archetype. Click on the link for your archetype to see how you should be approaching investing. I wish all the best.

Archetype A:

  • [Age 18- 35]
  • OR [Age= 35- 55] AND [Income = $62k+]
high risk investor archetype

Archetype B:

  • [Age = 35- 55] AND [Income below $62k]
low income investor archetype

Archetype C:

  • [Age 55- 65]
low risk investor archetype