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About the Author, Andrew Sather

The stock market is intimidating and confusing, yet it is KEY to attaining financial freedom. The thing is, you don’t need to have a background in finance to become a self sufficient investor.

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Andrew is driven to help you decode the jargon of the market, investing and finance.

It is his hope that, by reading this ebook, you can find the confidence to navigate the market.


"I have enjoyed and learned so much from 7 Steps to Understanding the Stock Market. I hope you continue to teach others for years to come. Thank you again for sending me all of the issues. I have already learned so much. You have a special gift for teaching and encouraging others to be successful and I always look forward to seeing your emails in my inbox."

Susan W.
"Congratulations for your free guide, I do think it is so starter-friendly and consistent (so unusual on the internet!)"
Best regards,
Lorenzo in Italy
"Just thought I’d send an email to let you know how great your eBook was. I’m in college right now but I am an engineering major so the material was very understandable and appeals to me being a ‘numbers guy’ as well. I ordered two of the books you recommended on Amazon and I’m looking forward to reading them and continuously referencing your work as I apply the skills to real use."

John H.
"Thanks for your email and for the information that you share in your website and podcast. I just finished reading your ebook “7 steps to understanding the stock market” and I was very excited by the content and looking forward for any new material or books that you might have."
Elvis Z.

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