Don’t work hard for money, let your money work for you. This guide is the resource to elevate you from an average beginner to a seasoned investor with a game plan. 

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If you’re looking for an Investing 101 guide, look no further. This ebook contains powerful lessons passed down from successful fund managers, finance professors, and billionaire investors. The tools provided have been simplified and explained to give you a special advantage and familiarity with the ongoings in the stock market.

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32 pages (30 min. read)

About the Author, Andrew Sather

The stock market is convoluded with Wall Street industry jargon. It’s designed to keep the average investor paying ridiculous management and advisor fees. Andrew Sather presents a simple number based approach that cures the emotional highs and lows that plague the market. He strives to make these complicated topics easy to understand.

Andrew is the founding publisher behind and co-founded The Investing for Beginners Podcast and The Money Tree Investing Podcast. He wrote 7 Steps to Understanding the Stock Market to help beginners find confidence in their investments.

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