The Most Popular Books on Money & Investments in 2013

If you know anything about me, you’ll know how much I love working with numbers. But perfecting this skill isn’t enough to find success with my investments.

most popular books

I’ve quickly learned that I need the guidance of others that have gone before me. This list of the most popular books on money and investments should help both myself and others to find the published advice that we should be listening to.

To formulate this list, I took the rankings of each book and entered it into an Excel spreadsheet. I took the rankings and averaged them out from the following top 3 websites: Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and

Because most books didn’t appear in the bestsellers list for all 3 websites, the highest rank for any one site was dropped. To add practicality, the average rank was calculated by dropping the highest rank to zero, adding the remainder and dividing by 3. Books that only appeared in one bestseller list were crossed out.

most popular books

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Now that the list has been created, I organized this list below by average rank– from highest to lowest. This list of most popular books on money and investments can serve as a great step by step guide about investing.

So below I present these books, along with links where they can be bought from. I’ve also included my own quick summaries of the synopses provided for each book.

Most Popular Books List: 11-16

16. Stock Trader’s Almanac 2013

This book presents historical trading data for every day in the calendar year. It is organized by each calendar day, and is updated yearly.

The book presents current trends such as post election years data and republicans vs. democrats.

Average Rank: 44

15. Rich Dad’s Guide to Investing

This 2nd book of Kiyosaki’s series examines why the rich are able to invest so successfully and get richer while everyone else stays poor.

The book examines the tax advantages of the rich, as well as exposing how most investment plans are flawed.

Average Rank: 39 

T-13. The Millionaire Next Door

This book reveals that the millionaires in the world might not live in the kind of places you might expect, or even have the same lifestyle you’d expect.

In fact, the book argues that most millionaires have the same 7 common traits which you can work for as well.

Average Rank: 38 

T-13. Tap Dancing to Work

This book is about one of the greatest investors who ever lived, Warren Buffett. In the time between 1966 and 2012, there have been 25 articles written by or about the man in Fortune Magazine.

This book contains those stories along with timely commentary.

Average Rank: 38

12. The Aftershock Investor

This is a timely book written by authors who accurately predicted the crash of 2008.

In this book they warn of future troubles that will be caused by the Federal Reserve and how you need to guard from the upcoming asset bubble crashes and steep inflation.

Average Rank: 35

11. A Random Walk Down Wall Street

This book presents every investing strategy and its corresponding pitfalls. In fact, the book argues that the market is efficient, meaning that the markets are always accurately priced and therefore trying to beat the average is futile.

An interesting read– the book helped expand my investing awareness and helped me be more skeptical to less successful strategies. While I don’t agree with all the points made I do think every investor should get a copy.

Average Rank: 29 

Most Popular Books List: 6-10

10. Beating the Street

This book is written by the wildly successful fund manager Peter Lynch. In this book, he breaks down how he selects stocks and reveals how ordinary investors can become successful by investing in what they know.

The book was the first I ever read about investing, and I highly recommend it to other beginners.

The flow of the book is swift and easy to follow, and Lynch’s stories are entertaining and informative. His basic strategy is easy to understand and a great starting point.

Average Rank: 26

9. The Real Crash

This book argues that the crash of 2008 was merely a small correction in the wake of what is about to come. The author warns that this government inflated asset bubble is unsustainable, and when it pops the consequences for investors around the country will be substantial.

He explains how this situation has built, what the viable solutions are for this country, and what you can do to protect your family and your wealth.

Average Rank: 24

8. How to Make Money in Stocks

This book shows you the author’s 7 step process for selecting the best stocks, ETFs, and mutual funds.

The proclaimed CAN SLIM investing system will show you how to minimize  risk and maximize gains, no matter what the market conditions are like.

Average Rank: 19

T-6. When Genius Failed

This book presents the story of the once wildly successful hedge fund called Long Term Capital Management. It covers from the fund’s founding in 1993 until its demise only 4 years later.

The author warns that meltdowns like the one covered here are a template for future meltdowns as evidenced by Lehman Brothers a decade later.

Average Rank: 18

T-6. The Neatest Little Guide to Stock Market Investing

This book tells you how the stock market works, what tools and resources are best to identify trends, and which strategies work best based on deep historical research.

The book includes advice from legendary investors like Peter Lynch and Warren Buffett.

Average Rank: 18

Most Popular Books List: 1-5

5. Antifragile: Things That Gain from Disorder

This book teaches you how to survive in a system that is broken and a market that regularly sees black swans– unpredictable, catastrophic events that leave ordinary investors out in the cold.

The author explains why debt is bad for you, why markets actually aren’t efficient, and how you can thrive during uncertain times.

Average Rank: 16

4. The Art of the Start

This book will help you to turn any brilliant idea into definite action.

Whether you are trying to start a new product, company, or organization, this book will help you avoid analysis paralysis and successfully write a business plan, raise capital, and improve branding.

Average Rank: 14

3. One Up On Wall Street

This book is also written by the wildly successful Peter Lynch, and in he teaches average investors how to find highly profitable ten baggers by doing a little research.

In this book, Lynch breaks down which numbers are important when doing research and reveals that some of the most profitable companies are actually mundane and understandable businesses.

Average Rank: 4.7

2. Rich Dad, Poor Dad

This book has had a profound effect on many people, including myself. The author Robert Kiyosaki shatters any and all ideas you might previously have about money and how to get wealthy.

Kiyosaki highlights the importance of having your money work for you instead of working for money, and how you can escape the 9 to 5 rat race.

The book might motivate you entrepreneurially, it may help your personal finances, and it will definately inspire you to take investing seriously and start working towards financial independence.

Average Rank: 2.3

1. The Intelligent Investor

This book being number 1 is no surprise here, it is hands down the most influential book on investing I’ve ever read. Warren Buffett agrees, calling it “by far the best book on investing ever written.”

The principles laid out by Benjamin Graham the author are timeless and highly profitable even today.

His book teaches you exactly how to value stocks, and shows how buying undervalued companies can make you profitable gains.

Graham spills out his vast knowledge and experience from decades in the markets, and does so in subdued tones without all the dangerous hype. This book gives you realistic expectations for your investing, as well as insight on what to avoid and strategies for those who want to pick stocks and those who want a more passive approach.

If there is one book you read from this list, make it the Intelligent Investor. Every investor should have a copy, and should reread it regularly. This single book influenced me so greatly that it has lead me to build this website and has greatly contributed to my investing success.

Being the #1 most popular book on this list, it seems that it has affected others the same.

Average Rank: 1.3

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