Brokerage Accounts

For banking customers: Merrill Edge

If you are a customer of Bank of America, you can link your online banking account with Merrill Edge easily.

For Roth IRA's and stock slices: Schwab

Don't have a ton of money to start investing, use Schwab's stock slices to get started today.

For Roth IRA's and HSA's: Fidelity

Maximize your investments with easy to set up Roth IRAs and HSAs, along with great investment choices.

For automatic DRIP and savings: Ally

Online bank with the best savings rates available on the market. Easy to use brokerage for DRIP.

Books to Learn Investing

For beginners: 7 Steps to Understanding the Stock Market

Easy walk through of the basics to get you started investing today. Explained in a clear, concise way.

For value investors: The Intelligent Investor

Must read, especially Chapters 8 & 20 concerning margin of safety and Mr. Market.

Learning from the best investors: Richer, Wiser, Happier

Fantastic collection of interviews with some of the world's greatest investors, full of wisdom and insight.

For valuing stocks: The Little Book of Valuation

Want to learn to value companies the right way, start here. Easy to understand examples included.

Tools to Research Stocks

For quick stock screens: Finviz

Hands down the most complete, easy-to-use screener to find investment ideas.

For quick financial metrics:

Want a quick overview of the financials of a company? This site will give you a quick company snapshot.

For historical financials and charts:

Most complete financial aggregator full of charts, KPIs, and other valuable information.

For reading annual reports and publicly filed statements: BamSEC

Must have website for anyone serious about reading financial reports, transcripts, proxies, and more.

Building a portfolio with monthly stock picks: Value Spotlight

Stock picks you can trust, to build wealth and security in an irrational world.

Template to value a stock with a DIY model: The Little Package of Valuation

Complete package with adaptable DCF, ROIC, and WACC spreadsheets enabling to you value companies.

Learn the art of investing in 30 minutes

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