Scott Hanson on Fiduciary Responsibility and Financial Planning for Beginners

Welcome to “The Investing For Beginners Podcast.” In today’s episode, we welcome Scott Hanson, co-founder and vice chair of Allworth Financial. As a fiduciary advisor with extensive experience in financial planning, Scott provides valuable insights on several key topics.

We’ll discuss recent Department of Labor regulations emphasizing fiduciary responsibilities for 401k plans, the shift in retirement trends, and the evolving landscape of financial advising. Scott will explain why smaller investors should consider subscription or fee-based models and the importance of comprehensive financial planning with a tax perspective.

We’ll also cover the changing concept of retirement, the critical role of 401k savings, and why Social Security should not be your sole retirement plan. Additionally, Scott will share tips on properly vetting your financial advisor and the importance of building a trusting relationship.

Whether you’re starting your financial journey or refining your investment strategies, this episode is packed with actionable advice and industry insights. Tune in as we explore these crucial topics and more with Scott Hanson.

00:00 Surround myself with smart people, seek growth.
03:55 Conflicts in financial product distribution and commissions.
07:37 Advisors should act as fiduciaries at all times.
12:01 New financial planning model includes various fees.
13:53 Building trust in relationships crucial for financial advice.
17:32 No free lunch, watch insurance company claims.
22:02 Iras require fiduciary management; game changing.
23:34 Financial advisors help achieve goals through planning.
26:57 Young financial advisors need people skills, persuasion.
31:29 Gut feeling: Benefits to wealthy will decrease.
33:24 Financial independence ideal, retirement evolving, work options.
37:38 Personal responsibility crucial for financial security, government assistance.
40:00 Assisting with financial planning and mentoring new advisors.

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