The Original Real Money Portfolio

Finding good stocks isn’t hard. Avoiding bad stocks is. 

The best investors know how critical it is to avoid drawdowns, and we will help you do it.

Stop Worrying About the Future...
or a Lack of Time or Money

It makes me sick when people say that the average investor can’t get ahead.

I‘m certain that anyone, with even just $150 a month, can become a millionaire over a long enough time horizon.

Now I’m willing to prove it.

After years of teaching about the stock market, I’ve seen firsthand the power of compounding earnings and time.

Compound interest is the secret sauce of the stock market, and it’s available to anyone who is willing and patient enough to let it work.

It helped me turn $150 per month into $5k in less than 3 years despite crippling debt. The path to $10k took less than 2 years. The path to $15k+ took less than one and a half. The snowball has been accelerating.

My passion is researching stocks, and helping investors get ahead. I’ve spent many thousands of hours on this mission—and I’m happy to spend many more.

Now you too can get access to this research, straight to your inbox each month.

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We Do the Research for You!
Let's Invest Our Life Savings Together.

The Sather Research eLetter, which I started on my 25th birthday, follows my own personal stock portfolio, funded with just $150 a month for 40 years. It will take only 11% annual returns for this money to become $1 million; I’m confident it will cross that and more.

Forget conflicts of interest—my own financial future is on the line with every stock recommendation from the newsletter. My entire liquid net worth, over 95%, is comprised of just these stocks.

If you are worried about the future, realize that nobody knows what will happen… and if they claim to, they are lying. What I can promise, is that while past performance doesn’t guarantee future results… 

I will be fully invested along with you. I have a level of commitment far greater than your average stock analyst, with a much longer time horizon too.

Maybe you feel like you don’t have the time.

After all, who has hundreds of hours available to research stocks? In that case, my newsletter is just for you. Just follow the recommendations.

Instead of making excuses about time or money, ask how much you’re losing out on by doing the same things yet expecting change. That’s really the definition of insanity. Truth is, you have to try something new in order to change your life.

Don’t you want enough time one day to enjoy the riches you’ve worked so hard for? An investing plan without specialized guidance will feel like wheels spinning in the mud. You can’t afford to be stuck any longer.


"I have been able to get on the right track with my investing through listening to your podcasts and reading your eLetters. If it wasn't for you I might not have gotten into the market nor would I have made smart investments, and so I owe you a big thanks to my success. "
Maxwell M.
"I'm currently in the military which leaves me with a lot of time away from my fiance and 5 year old son at home. I stayed away from investing because of the unknown, leaving me very un-educated in the field. The Sather Research eLetter has opened my mind so much on how to live prosperously and really let your money grow on itself. Thanks a lot for starting this."
James C.


Imagine having the freedom to take a vacation any day you want.


Imagine breaking away from the bonds of salary labor, and doing what you want to do, when you want to, while getting dividend payments all along.


Imagine creating the kind of financial freedom that literally puts the world at your fingertips.

more options

Imagine the options that hitting our goal of 1 million dollars can give you.


Monthly buy/sell recommendations for an entire portfolio of stocks. This allows you to run your portfolio on autopilot, and experience the exact same returns that I do.

Monthly issues are automatically sent to your email before the first trading day of every month, in .PDF format.

As a thank you for giving The Sather Research eLetter a try, we’ll inlcude the 3 following special reports for free:

  1. What Today’s Investors Get Wrong About the Stock Market.
  2. 4 Simple Ways to Cut Your Expenses By $29 Per Month.
  3. How Average People Are Being Swindled Everyday.

Your subscription gives you exclusive access to my Real Life Money Portfolio, which is tracked from inception and compared to its goal of $1 million. 

The most practical type of portfolio for the average investor.

$29 per month,
cancel anytime.

Just one good stock buy alone could easily pay for a year’s membership. A Bloomberg terminal, considered the finance professional’s essential tool, costs over $20,000 per year. Find even more value, at a fraction of the cost!


This real money portfolio will hit $1 million. I’m confident it will. Yet I can’t promise that you’ll attain the same results, especially if you don’t take action today. The longer you wait on this offer, the less chance you’ll have. It could take just one or two missed stock recommendations to set you back tens of thousands of dollars in the long run. Really, you can’t afford to not take action, RIGHT NOW.

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