The Investing for Beginners Podcast – Your Path to Financial Freedom [Official]

About The Show

When Andrew Sather and Dave Ahern first started this podcast in 2017, there were no top-ranked investing podcasts who catered to the beginner investor.

Many newcomers might not have a background in finance.

This makes investing intimidating.

Dave and Andrew sought to solve those burning problems with this show. The Investing for Beginners Podcast is often ranked in the top 25 for Investing and top 100 for Business on Apple Podcasts. The show has had over 20M downloads.

Episodes range from full listener Q&A and expert guest interviews, to their popular series which include Back to the Basics and Bird’s Eye View (a “behind the scenes” deep dive into individual stocks).

It is their hope that you find your path to financial freedom; always investing with a margin of safety, emphasis on the safety.


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The Investing for Beginners Podcast – Your Path to Financial Freedom is currently part of the Glassbox Media podcast network. Contact [email protected] to advertise on The Investing for Beginners Podcast. 

Past and current sponsors include:

• Masterclass
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