The 8 Top Fintech Podcasts of 2022

Lots of us here are big podcast fans, and learning more about the exciting sector, fintech (financial technology), through the top podcasts helps focus the information.

The curated listed below contains some of the top minds in the fintech world. They will help grow your knowledge and entertain you along the way. What better way to spend a commute or cleaning your home?

The greatest asset we have for our future is our education. That knowledge will pay the best interest in the future. Using podcasts to educate ourselves about a topic such as fintech aids in our growth.

My top picks for fintech podcasts are below:

Top 3 Fintech Podcasts:

Breaking Banks

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The Breaking Banks podcast is the #1 global fintech radio show and podcast led by Brett King, Jason Henrichs, and JP Nicols.

The podcast showcases Brett King, one of the “kings” of fintech. Brett explores many topics related to finance, such as:

  • Consumer behavior
  • Tech innovations
  • Changes in finance
  • The ongoing fintech evolution

Brett and his fellow co-hosts have great personalities, humor, and thoughtful insights. Brett is an author, futurist, and founder of Moven (the world’s first smart bank account) among his many accomplishments.

The podcast focuses on all aspects of fintech, from banking to crypto and everything in between. Brett leads the discussions, covering many diverse subjects and how we handle money in a tech environment.

The podcast recently celebrated its eighth anniversary, and with over 5.5 million downloads, it remains fresh, informative, and a must-listen if fintech interests you in the slightest.

Fintech Insider Podcast by 11:FS


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Fintech Insider, broadcast from London’s financial district by 11:FS, is a bi-weekly show dedicated to fintech, banking, technology, and financial services.

The podcast features a rotating crew of hosts:

  • David Brear
  • Simon Taylor
  • Jason Bates
  • Sarah Kocianski
  • Ross Gallagher

Both co-founders, David Brear and Jason Bates, have real-world experiences in the fintech world. David worked at Lloyds Bank and Aviva before moving to Gartner’s Global Digital Banking Practice before starting 11:FS. Jason helped co-found two digital banks, Monzo and Starling, before starting 11:FS with David.

Each show features different guests discussing a wide range of fintech topics, recent news, and developments. The cool thing regarding the show’s discussions is the ad-lib feel which gives it a feel of friends together, enjoying a beer talking about a subject that excites them. It makes the show much more enjoyable.

I enjoy this podcast so much because of the deep dive into wide-ranging subjects such as APIs, AI, digital banking, and other finance disrupting ideas.

Wharton Fintech Podcast

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The Wharton FinTech podcast discusses the trends, topics, and ideas that reshape global financial services. The podcast features founders, investors, students, and thought leaders from the world of fintech.

The Wharton FinTech podcast comes with a seal of approval from the Ivy League, giving it a bit more cache than most.

Another cool aspect of the student-run podcast offers insights into the world of fintech from the insiders running the companies, solving the problems, and leading the disruption.

One of my favorite recent episodes was the interview with David Velez, founder, and CEO of NuBank, the largest independent global digital bank. The interview covered all the aspects of starting a digital bank, why there was a need, what NuBank does to solve that need, and what they hope to achieve.

The Middle Three Fintech Podcasts:

Banking Transformed


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As one of the top banking podcasts, the Banking Transformed podcast, hosted by Jim Marous, examines major leadership and cultural challenges in the banking industry and the impact of digital disruption on banking’s future.

The Banking Transformed podcast is hosted by Jim Marous (who continues as one of the leaders in the fintech space) and focuses on challenges facing banks today in the world of disruption. He interviews leaders from a wide range of banks and discusses the challenges these banks, like Bank of America, face and how they plan to fight back.

The Financial Brand website is a wealth of information from blog posts, reports, and webinars. Jim and staff churn out more information and content than we can keep up with!

Jim tackles a wide range of topics on the show, from crypto’s relevance to reimagining money experiences in banking. It is a great show to see how banks defend their turf with the rise of fintechs and the ongoing disruption.

Tearsheet Podcast


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The Tearsheet podcast, running since 2009, interviews top thought leaders, executives, entrepreneurs, and technologists actively making the future of finance a reality-today.

Podcast host Zach Miller leads the discussions on the trends in the financial industry and how tech in finance impacts the business.

The show covers topics from how innovative financial services approach the cloud to the future of passwords and financial products, according to Visa.

My favorite recent show was the discussion with Jack Henry’s CEO David Foss on the company’s unbundling of its core banking products and its impacts on Jack Henry and its customers.

The website offers a wide range of newsletters to check out on topics ranging from daily news to Green Finance.

American Banker


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One of the leaders in the banking industry, the American Banker podcast includes thoughtful discussion around current topics in the fintech industry.

The show, moderated by American Banker editors, focuses on a wide range of topics from fintech disruption to why banks can’t quit overdraft fees.

To learn more about the banking industry, American Banker provides a wealth of information from the big banks to smaller, local credit unions. American Banker, located in New York, knows a thing or two about the banking sector and provides great educational resources.

Banking has a reputation for tired, boring, and old-school business. But podcasts such as Banking Transformed and American Banker help break that myth.

Unknown, But Should Be Fintech Podcasts

Fintech Recap


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Two of the up-and-coming leaders in the fintech space are Jason Mikula of the Fintech Business Weekly, and Alex Johnson of the Fintech Takes newsletter. Their podcast recaps the most interesting news, trends, and fintech regularly.

I enjoy their show because they have an obvious enthusiasm for fintech as well as great insights and writing. Both the show and newsletters have become a regular part of my fintech consumption.

They cover various topics from BNPL, P2P payments, overdrafts, and IPOs. And their blogs dive deep into the above subjects and more; I strongly encourage you to check them out.

For Fintech’s Sake

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For Fintech’s Sake, hosted by Zach Anderson Pettet, takes a broad look at the world of fintech. Building the future of financial services requires a deep understanding of tech and finance. The show explores the stories at the intersection of finance and tech from the perspectives of founders, investors, and incumbents.

The newer show started in 2019 and asks all the right questions, a great combination to all the right people.

He recently spoke with Matthew Spoke, CEO of Moves, an app that focuses on helping gig workers manage their business and finances. He also spoke with Jordan Wright, CEO at Atomic, the leader in the payroll API space. These interviews are educational plus entertaining; who could ask for more?

Investor Insights

The above list is a short list of some of the top fintech podcasts that helped me learn about finance and technology.

There is no question that the way we bank today will change, and that change has begun with the rise of fintechs such as Paypal, Block, and Affirm. But those are only the tip of the iceberg of the fintech universe, and the changes continue to come hard and fast.

The learning never stops, and the fintech podcasts above help educate, inform, and entertain daily.

Like eating a pizza, we earn knowledge piece by piece.

Using podcasts to learn more about any subject is a great use of your time. Whether exercising, running errands, or waiting in line at Disney, listening to podcasts to learn a thing or two helps grow our knowledge. And knowledge compounds, just like money.

Fintech continues as a fascinating, exciting subject, and the above podcasts can help you stay up on the latest news and trends.

And with that, we will wrap up our discussion on today’s top 8 fintech podcasts.

Thank you for reading today’s post, and I hope you find something of value. If I can be of any further assistance, please don’t hesitate to reach out.

Until next time, take care and be safe out there,


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