Understanding Investment Frameworks: Jeff and Jason’s Ideas from Investing Unscripted

Welcome back to The Investing For Beginners Podcast! Join Dave, with special guests Jeff and Jason from Investing Unscripted, as they explore diverse investment strategies. We’ll cover spreadsheet analysis, cash flows, market trends, and the psychology of investing. Learn from their personal journeys and gain practical insights to make informed financial decisions. Enjoy the show!

00:00 Struggling with when to decide on companies.
03:45 Investors face tough decisions, different answers needed.
07:53 Material info drives investment decisions, monitor quarterly.
09:47 Research, learn from experts, diversify, acknowledge ignorance.
14:29 Planning for market volatility in investing strategy.
19:08 Monitor stock value, consider historical performance.
20:05 Reassessing stock value with AI’s future impact.
25:01 Pattern seeking humans struggle in complex markets.
29:10 Brief process: choose interesting, not boring stocks.
31:45 Monitor trends, understand KPIs, follow management.
35:29 Auto industry, except Tesla, not profitable investment.
38:49 Both processes seek same things differently visually.
42:12 Monthly podcast, portfolio on Savvytrader.com, newsletter.
44:03 Professionals struggle too but learn from mistakes.

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