IFB05: Going 100% Stocks Even as a Conservative Investor

  Finding the right mix of stocks and bonds is a common question among beginners. As a conservative investor, it is a must that I find a good mix to mitigate risk. ¬†Most conservative investors go with a mix of 75% stocks and 25% bonds to help lessen any risk of loss. But as a […]

IFB04: Why DRIP Investing Your Stocks Should be Integral to Your Investing

DRIP investing is one of the untapped resources to investors. It can be one of the keys to growing your wealth. Compounding is one of the eight wonders of the world, according to Albert Einstein. Utilizing it with DRIP investing is a great way to double compound your investments. We will discuss this and much […]

IFB03: Doesn’t a Stop Loss Contradict Buy and Hold?

      When you are looking for advice on how to buy stocks, you will find thousands of articles on the internet. All of them touting the various ways to buy stocks to make money. But what about selling a stock? Crickets. There is not much out there to tell you when to sell. […]

IFB02: Why Timing the Market Wrong Doesn’t Matter that Much

One of the scariest things about investing is buying a stock at the absolute wrong time. Guess what? Timing the market wrong doesn’t matter that much. What is much more important is the time in the market. You read about all the stock market millionaires. Or billionaires. Guess what they all in common? It’s time […]

IFB01: Optimal Portfolio Diversification for Sectors and Individual Stocks

Welcome to our first session of Investing for Beginners where our goal is to help you become a better investor. The idea of this podcast started with Andrew Sather, from einvestingforbeginners.com who has and had lots of success in the blogging and podcast world, with his awesome website and blog and being a founding member […]

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